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Public speaking is the most crucial skill for any leader. Be it speaking on stage, to the media or simply presenting in a meeting room - communication skills are what differentiates a good leader from a great one.

If you can't find the time or the budget to hire a speaking coach, you should consider doing an online class.

More and more executives are opting to do an online course rather than spending several hours locked in a meeting room.

Where can I find public speaking online classes?

There is a multitude of online learning platforms. Covid accelerated the growth of the online education industry with a projected growth of 20% until 2028.

Some of the most popular e-learning platforms are Udemy and Coursera. Both platforms offer a vast catalogue to choose from. The prices vary but are overall reasonable.

Udemy focuses on individual creators. Coursera is focused on working with universities and other learning institutions.

You have access from anywhere

You are able to create your own learning environment, exactly how you need it. Sitting in a busy cafe motivates you? Attend e-learning courses while enjoying a hot beverage.

You are on holiday but still want to work on improving your skill set? You are able to do just that, simply with a laptop or a phone.

It just has become a whole lot easier with most LMS platforms offering courses via their app. It allows you to download content and learn offline. One of those platforms is an open source LMS Moodle.

You can learn when it suits you

Start your learning journey when it fits your schedule. There is no date, no timeline, and no instructor’s schedule that you have to work around.

You are entirely flexible to do it after work, during working hours or on the weekends. It’s about you and your learning experience outside the traditional classroom.

Skill development will advance your career

Investing in yourself will be the best investment you’ll ever make. Investing in learning new skills will accelerate your career. It allows you to keep on top of developments in your area of interest. It's an efficient way to establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

Modern learning technologies and the use of interactive elements are easing the learning journey, especially when you do it while holding a full-time job.

A lot of classes also offer the participant to share their success and learnings on social media. This is an easy way to make coworkers and people within your network aware of the new skills you accumulated.

Online courses are affordable

In-person courses are great and extremely helpful for personalised, in-the-moment feedback. However, an online course comes at a much cheaper price and hence allows a wider audience to participate.

Skill development should be accessible to anybody and with a lot of free courses on offer, it is. Online classes are a fair way of consuming high-quality information.

You get access to global experts

You are looking for a great public speaker? Tony Robinson. Attending one of his seminars is not easy. He oftentimes doesn’t tour outside the US and the in-person conferences come at a high price.

Attending online training gives you access to an elite group of trainers. Coaches that would have been impossible to work with otherwise.

This allows you to learn about new markets and understand a topic from a different perspective.

In a nutshell - online courses are an amazing way to keep learning and developing.

The Speakeasy Club is one of those platforms that is offering you access to Fortune 500 coaches for a reasonable price. It’son-demandd, available via desktop and app and according to entrepreneurs, podcast hosts and board members - worth it.

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